Content Marketing tips to skyrocket your business

5 πιο βασικά βήματα για σωστό content marketing στο Ηράκλειο

Content marketing is the process of writing content which informs, entertains and keeps the customers close to your business. How will you choose the right content for your business or brand?
First and foremost, you should detect the target group your customer audience concerns. The criteria are based on age, city, job, interests, country, family status and more.
Afterwards, the writing of proper, fresh, creative content should be relative with your target group. Some types of content that you can use are articles, photos, videos and

5 basic tips for creating proper content marketing:

1. Upload photos of your customers ( U.G.C.) or influencers**
Create traffic, uploading photos of your customers in your business using your products or services. You should build a personal relationship with your audience and as a result your internet community will increase constantly. Choose some micro-influencers who have a high engagement rate and faithful audience that suits your interests. The results will be spectactural.

5 πιο βασικά βήματα για σωστό content marketing

2.Write Blogs**

By far the most effective means of promoting content, blogging can bring traffic
directly and indirectly in your website and social media. Blogging gets you higher
SEO in search engines. Create your own on-site blog from where you can update
your audience and also upload articles concerning your products and brands.

3.Tell you story**

A relationship based on trust with your audience can be built if you communicate your story, a flashback at your first business steps, who you are, from where you draw your inspiration, what is your vision. You can also record a podcast or to share it via blogging.

4.Find and develop your personal style**

Adopt strategic communication, share your content while always keeping on your mind the
right style and image that your business wants to follow. Choose the colors, the frontline,
filters and lighting that suits your style. Don’t forget the famous quotes by Bill Gates: “
Content is king”. Promote useful content and build relationships with your potential clients
without direct advertising.
Always stay faithful to your aesthetic appeal and follow your personal business style in your
website as well as in your social media.